More than just insulation!

Our custom coffee sleeves are much more than just a way to keep your hands safe.  a HotShot Sleeve can be used to promote your brand, drive traffic to your sites or tell a story.

Great ways to use your HotShot Sleeve.

InsulationOur sleeves offer exceptional insulating features. No more burned hands!
QR Codes

Add QR Codes to your sleeves to drive traffic to your website or social media sites. Our low minimum runs allow you to include new QR Codes on your sleeves every time you place your order.Use QR Codes to track visitor traffic for your coffee sleeve advertising campaign.


Add a coupon to your sleeve to encourage purchases of additional food products or repeat business.
BrandingBuild your brand with colourful graphics that your customers will remember. Plain sleeves are disposed while people will share your sleeve with others.
Co-Brandinguse your sleeve for co-branding with other companies in your area. Reduce your costs while still getting your name out there.